UN Committee on the Rights of the Child General Comment No. 19 on Public Budgeting for the Realization of Children’s Rights is the first UN document to provide detailed guidance to states on their legal obligation to invest in children.

General Comment No. 19 recommends open, inclusive and accountable resource mobilization, budget allocation and spending. It clearly states that States must not discriminate against any child through resource mobilization, budgeting and spending.

States should also regularly ensure that children participate in budget decisions, allowing children to participate in those issues that concern them.

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The research “Child-friendly Justice in Latvia: Focusing on Crime Prevention” was performed in the framework of the monitoring for the subproject “Building a Support System to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency” 2010 CH04/mac-113 under the Cooperation Programme of the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Latvia within the Enlarged European Union.


The research focuses on the principles, methods and legal framework of juvenile delinquency prevention in Latvia, Switzerland and other European countries. The research evaluates the co-operation practice among the local municipalities and law enforcement institutions in Latvia in three pilot projects within the project “Building a Support System to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency”. During the implementation of the project from 1 January 2011 to 30 June 2012, innovative methods for the work with young people of risk groups were approbated in these pilot projects. The pilot projects were run in three regions of Latvia: Saldus, Cēsis and Madona. The research contains a full monitoring report and assessment of the new methods for the work with young people of risk groups and the inter-institutional cooperation model, as well as recommendations for further development and sustainability of these innovative methods.


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The research “Early prevention methods for anti-social behaviour working with pre-school and primary school children and their parents” was carried out under the NGO project programme funding with financial assistance from the European Economic area financial mechanism and the State of Latvia financing.


The research reflects the project results with the aim to develop innovative working methods for reducing risk situations that provoke antisocial behaviour in children. The target group included 48 children at social exclusion risk and their families. In fact, more than 200 people were involved in the project activities including in the project indirect target group also such categories as: other relatives of the project families – sisters, brothers, grandparents; municipal social work practitioners, educators, heads of educational institutions; NGOs involved in the project, and other interested members of the community. The project was carried out involving specialists from several EU countries: pilot projects took place in Latvia – Kuldīga, Saldus and Cēsis, whereas the foreign experience was gained in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway and Belgium.


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Research “Keeping youth Away from Crime: Searching for Best European Practices” was one of the main results of a project with the same title. This research provides readers with a possibility to learn about legal framework of juvenile justice systems in 10 European countries, it gives an insight on how

the tools and approaches foreseen in law work in practice. Most importantly, research addresses the issue of early prevention – what can be done to keep children away from entering the formal justice system and how it is done in Austria, Belgium, England and Wales, Italy, Scotland, Sweden, in the Netherlands and in all three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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